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we firmly believe that it will bec▓ome an ingredient in Chinese cuisine," said Guy de Saint Laurent▓, director of Rougié China, Euralis' subsidiary.Black trufflesSou▓thwest China's Yunnan province is known as the home to m

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ore than 250 types of m▓ushrooms. Black truffle is one of the most expensive varieties that is sold for▓ 130 yuan ($20.7) to 1,300 yuan per kilogram. Production is estimated at around 200 metric tons every year, with the majorit

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y being exported overseas.A highly fragmented indust▓ry supported mainly by individual farmers and wholesalers, the black truffles harvested ▓in Yunnan are generally considered to be of lower quality than their peers from Périgord锛峵he finest i▓n France锛峬ainly because they are usually picked hastily before they are ▓fully matured. But their much lower price, often just a fraction of the European varieties, has led to them being used more pra▓ctically and widely by chefs and cooks.Artisan cheeseLiu Yang, 44, is known as Mr Cheese among expats and gourmands in Beijing. Having studied internat▓ional trade in France for a couple of years, the former information technology engineer started his own cheese factory in Beijing in 2009, as he had a personal penchant for the dairy product and found a wide supply-demand gap ▓in the local market.Branded as Le Fromager de Pekin, his business today provides a vari▓ety of 20 or so cheeses. The skills and equipment to make cheese are imported from France, but Liu uses locally produced milk for his cheese, which has found its way

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